Audio Visual Coordinator
(281) 499-3502


John’s family joined FUMCMC on Present Street location in 1988.   He promptly joined the choir and began supporting the audio, and later video, programs of the church almost immediately as a volunteer.   He always sung but the thought of singing alone, in front of a congregation was terrifying.  Barbara Jennings convinced him to sing a short solo and from that he stepped out of his personal comfort zone into leads in several church productions, singing with the Chapel Singers under the direction of Matt Robinson, and lead and background vocals in Open Skies.

John is the father to three amazing daughters who grew up at FUMCMC.  An environmental geologist by education (Master’s Degree from the University of Arkansas) and full time profession, my AV skills have been acquired through a combination of self-instruction, other kindred AV spirits, and Microsoft system engineering classes.   In his infrequent spare time, he enjoys listening to music, working on electronics (go figure), watching college football, Astros baseball, cooking, and hiking & camping “when I can get to the mountains.”