Monday Musical Moment: MMM: Musical Building Blocks

Justin Langham   -  
Happy Monday!
There are many characteristics that make music appealing and, I would argue, necessary to human life. Music’s ability to affect our mood, bring us together, and to communicate artistic and inherently human concepts and experiences are all powerful examples of the power of music. Music is in large part a way to experience humanity.
I was always drawn toward music, first as an escape from the anxiety of a shy 11-year-old kid, but eventually as a way to communicate what I couldn’t express through words. I know that many of you can relate to that feeling! I remember being enthralled by film music and deciding to spend my life affecting the emotions of others in the same way. I didn’t care how I made music; I just knew that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.
When I came on board at First UMC in February of 2021, I was excited to share my thoughts on music with you, and not just with the choir at rehearsals on Wednesdays or the congregation on Sunday mornings. I’m excited to finally offer my first learning opportunity at First UMC and the community, “Building Blocks of Music!” In this 4-week course, we’ll discuss everything that makes music wonderful, from its different sounds, structure, history, and even the very basics of reading music. Think of it as a combination of a music appreciation, music listening, and basic music reading class open for all ages and experience levels. You need bring only an interest in music and an open mind!
“Building Blocks of Music” will meet on Tuesdays from 12:00–12:30pm AND Wednesdays 6:00–6:30pm for four weeks, and the cost is $50 for the course, which includes as many or as few meetings as you like. The class will be broken down by weeks, with one general topic per week, so if you miss a meeting, don’t worry, you will not be lost. Our first is tomorrow, Tuesday October 25, at 12pm in the choir room (Music C), and I hope to see some of you there! Registration for the course is available HERE, but is not required to attend! I am a strong believer that music is for everyone, and that everyone can learn more about different aspects of music that deepen their love and connection to it. I hope that you will consider joining me for our first meeting tomorrow at 12pm!
In the meantime, here is Leonard Bernstein articulating what music means better than I ever could. Have a great week!