Context with Clayton: For August 1st

Clayton Hill   -  

Hey Church! Welcome to Context with Clayton!

This is a way for me to communicate with you about what songs we are singing this week, why we are singing them and some ideas that really emphasize what we are going to be learning about this through our scripture this week. I want to use this space to say what I wish we had time to say on Sunday mornings.

This week we will have Kelsey Thompson and her good friend Lauren Walker leading us this week. They have arranged the set list for this week. Let’s dive in to their selection!

Sunday August 7th

Open Up the Heavens – Meredith Andrews

This song sets the stage of our heart this week as the opener. This song helps us focus on praising God and asking Him to show up where we are. We are asking God to show us His Glory and open heaven upon us. For us to be able to see a glimpse of heaven here, on earth, in the room we are worshiping in. I want you to imagine what our response would look like if, we allowed God to work in us without getting in the way and show us what heaven looks like even for a second.

God With Us – All Sons and Daughters

This song helps us understand that God knows us in intimate detail, that we are one with Him. We declare that Jesus’ purpose was to bring hope, joy, and peace to this broken and fallen world. Subsequently that means a broken and fallen us. The chorus is so powerful: “Our deliverer you are Savior, in your PRESENCE we find our strength. Over everything, our Redemption God with us.”

What an incredible reminder of our purpose, and our source of life. Don’t forget, we are made to be strong for the Glory of God and His Kingdom.

The bridge is so simple yet, so powerful. It is so important for us to sing this not only in Sunday Service, but in every circumstance and in every moment: “You are here, You are holy, we are standing in your Glory.”

I pray you remember this bridge throughout the week as we lead up to the beginning of the school year and end of summer.

Dancing On The Waves – We The Kingdom

This is a new piece that we have not sang before. This is an interesting perspective which is why it is our offertory song this week. It is less of a congregational worship song and more of a paradigm shift from us singing to God, to Him singing to us.

This is a fascinating take on a worship song and it really is perspective shifting. The idea is that God is singing to us as He calls us closer and closer into relationship with Him. It is essentially His prevenient grace and seeking love and relationship with us. He created us and we just run away, much like the Israelites.

I encourage you to take a listen to this song and let the words wash over you. If you are hurting, weary, tired, and just at the end of your rope, this will remind you: that you are a child of the God of the universe. The King of kings and the Lord of lords. That there is no greater treasure on this planet. He formed you and promised you life, should you accept Him.

This is a magnificent piece and I cannot wait to sing this together on Sunday.

What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong

This is wrapping up the service in a moment of reflection. This song is familiar but has such simple yet strong lyrics. It takes us from the creation story all the way to the the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, all the while proclaiming the beautiful name of Jesus.

As this week goes on I want you to remember this particular lyric… “My sin was great, Your Love was greater, what could separate us now?”

Sing that to yourself when you feel out of it, down, and frustrated this week. Sing this to yourself when you are joyful, at peace, and excited.

The point being: our God’s love for us is greater than our victories and our failures. Nothing compares to the name of Jesus. When you are celebrating – the name of Jesus. When you are sad or downtrodden – the name of Jesus. When you are afraid and unsure – the name of Jesus. Nothing compares to the peace, love, and hope that is provided by the name of Jesus alone.

Closing thoughts:

Thank you for stopping by and spending time here. The Team and I put a lot of effort and energy to bring quality music and engaging moments with God. We are so grateful to be able to do this. We appreciate you and your time being here.

This week, I want to leave you with our mission statement so you can see the heart behind what we do.



Grace and Peace,

Clayton Hill