Monday Musical Moment: Christmas Music III

Justin Langham   -  
Happy Monday to all!
I know everyone is running around like crazy this time of year. There’s no shortage of things to do, homes to clean, and people to shop for! This season is always busy, but it’s up to us to find joy among the madness. My solution is a musical one… you’re shocked, I know.
Many of us use music to affect a positive change in our behavior, or even to intensify it. There’s something about certain types of music or specific artists that speak more to us than others. One of those artists that I go to for calm or a smile is Brian McKnight, and woah buddy, do I LOVE Brian McKnight. And a Brian McKnight Christmas song? Forget about it… Maybe that’s why my phone has been suggesting this same video countless times over the past few Christmas seasons and I will watch it every single time.
For those of you who do not know, Brian McKnight is a 16-time Grammy nominated singer who is known best for his strong falsetto and belting range. Falsetto, Italian for “false,” is the range that extends beyond a typical vocal range and has a lighter, smooth quality to it. Many R&B artists have used their falsetto ranges heavily with much success, but it’s rare to hear one as pleasant on the ears as Brian McKnight.
What has always drawn me to Brian McKnight, even as a middle school and high school kid, was not only the smoothness of his voice, but the level of control he has over it. He has the unique combination of the ability to be beautifully expressive while being incredibly precise in terms of pitch and staying within a groove. I hope you enjoy this live recording of “Let It Snow,” where is his amazing musicianship, and falsetto, are on full display.
Have a great week!