Monday Musical Moment: Comfort Songs

Justin Langham   -  
Happy Monday!
Yesterday was All-Saints Sunday, a day of remembrance for those who we have lost this year. During the beautiful services at First UMC yesterday, I was again reminded of music’s ability to affect and intensify emotions, especially on such a powerful occasion. I was especially impacted by those in the congregation named aloud those who have passed. There were just so many names. We’ve all lost so much this year, but music also has the power to heal.
For a long time, one of my favorite music to listen to for comfort is by a band called Nickel Creek. They are a acoustic folk/bluegrass trio and many of their songs have deep meanings and the members of the group are amazing musicians. The founder/leader of Nickel Creek is a man named Chris Thile, and if you have never heard of him wow this will be a beautiful rabbit hole to travel down. He is an American mandolinist, singer/songwriter, composer, and is also well-known as a radio personality for NPR’s Live From Here, which replaced Prairie Home Companion in 2017. Chris Thile is one of my all-time favorite musicians and his ability to communicate as an artist is just amazing.
The song Doubting Thomas by Nickel Creek has always been a song that I’ve found comfort in. The lyrics are written from a similar perspective as the same Thomas from scripture, and in the same doubting nature, but finding faith through his uncertainty. The final lyric, “I’ll take your promise, though I know nothing’s safe,” shows that the he chooses to have faith despite lacking physical proof. I find the music and delivery of the lyrics peaceful, serene, and comforting through difficult times.
The performance is from a taping of Live From Here from 2019.
Have a great week!