Monday Musical Moment: Another Moment of Thanks

Justin Langham   -  
Happy Monday to everyone!
These days are always filled, rightfully so, with moments of thanksgiving for things, people, places, and other aspects of our lives that are meaningful. I give you one more to your pallet prior Thanksgiving Day!
With Christmas music filling the air and decorations already covering every store in sight, it can be easy to emotionally skip over Thanksgiving. I have always enjoyed both the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons because they are the holidays that I always spend with family.
My family has always been a close one. My parents, twin brother Joshua, and I have always had a close bond and genuinely love spending time together doing just about anything. I’m also grateful that growing up there was a high priority placed by my parents and grandparents on traditions and spending time with the other members of our extended family. This led to many strong relationships between aunts, uncles, cousins, and now cousins’ children that I value very much today. As I’ve grown older, and our family has become more spread out, I don’t get to spend as much time with family during the holiday seasons. However, I am so excited to finally be traveling Wednesday morning for some much-needed family food and frivolities!
I am thankful for many things during this particular time of thanksgiving: good health, a career I love, a wonderful church community, a beautiful new house and dog, and many others. I am also grateful for science and my appointment to get a booster shot this evening, which will help me to protect my family this week.
Oh right… the music…
My dad always liked to have country radio on around the house and in the car growing up, and since I’m thinking about my family this week, I thought I’d share one of my favorite songs from that time. I have always loved the country duo Brooks & Dunn, and their song “Red Dirt Road” always made me happier. Even now as a professional musician now, I still love the opening guitar riff and find the melodies genuine and uplifting. Also, who doesn’t love Ronnie Dunn’s voice?! Not every description fits how I grew up, but I love the message and its general vibe.
I hope everyone has a fantastic thanksgiving this week and may it bring you all amazing afternoon naps!