Monday Musical Moment: Joy!

Justin Langham   -  
Happy Monday!
Most people would agree that one of the best parts of live music is seeing the joy on the faces of the people making the music.
It’s definitely one of the reasons why every choir director will tell you to “look up and smile,” or “not look like you’re in pain” while you’re singing! There’s no doubt that performers who engage with their audience are more effective communicators. If you attended either of this week’s combined World Communion services, you were treated by the joy and life that the musicians from Covenant Glen brought to the services!
One of my favorite performers of the past 10 years or so who perfectly encapsulates this idea is a jazz bassist and vocalist by the name Esperanza Spalding. A young 36 years of age, her accomplishments include four Grammy’s, a Boston Music Award, and a Soul Train Music Award. I was first exposed to Ms. Spalding music while watching her performance in the East Room of the White House in 2009 as part of a concert honoring Stevie Wonder with the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. She performed my absolute favorite Stevie Wonder song, “Overjoyed,” and as a young music student in college, I remember being amazed by her rare combination of musical expression and technical control. Many people have too much or too little of either, but a combination of both is a true weapon in a musician’s arsenal and usually takes many years to aquire.
The video for this week is the same White House performance that I fell in love with 13 years ago. We all need some of that infectious enthusiasm she brings to her performance in our own lives. I hope you enjoy her groovy and relaxed rendition of a classic!
My girlfriend and I have also spent the last week moving into our first home, so we are tired, but definitely “overjoyed” to be in our new place! 🙂 
Have a great week!