Sermon Series

Sermon Series


Our latest sermon series preached by Rev. Marty Vershel and our clergy.

One Thing

Sermon Series

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One of my favorite movies is “City Slickers.” It is about three friends who go on an adventure searching for the “meaning of life.” What’s the adventure? They decide to go to an actual working ranch to be part of a cattle drive across the country. While on their adventure, they meet their trail boss, Curly: the grimy, rough and tough cowboy who would lead them cross country. As the story unfolds, a conversation between Billy Crystal’s character and Curly takes place. During the conversation, Curly shares with Crystal the secret of life. Curly raises his finger, telling Crystal this is the secret of life. It is ONE THING, but you have to discover what that ONE THING is for yourself.

There are five times in the Scriptures where people are in search of that ONE THING. It is the ONE THING they do or that is necessary, ONE THING they lack, or even ONE THING they know. Maybe it is the ONE THING they ask. As we enter the New Year, it might be a good time to pause and reflect on what the ONE THING is for you, for me, for us.

Philippians 3:13-14

January 13: One Thing I Do

In Philippians 3:13-14, Paul reminds us that following God doesn’t come with an instruction manual. A relationship with Jesus is like any other; it takes time and focus to get to know Him. It means letting go of our past so that we can step into a new future. It is hard work, but it is worth the effort for the ultimate prize.

Luke 10:41-42

January 20: One Thing is Necessary

I know in my life, I find myself often living as a human “doing” rather than a human “being.” I let busyness rob me of my time with Jesus. Way too often, I have to remind myself of a story Luke tells in his Gospel about two sisters, Mary and Martha. It is a story that should make us stop and re-examine our priorities, especially as they relate to how we spend our time. 

Mark 10:21

January 27: One Thing You Lack 

In Mark 10 we meet an impressive young man, who is holding onto something that is standing in the way of a relationship with Jesus. What do you value more than God that gets in the way of really knowing Jesus? What is keeping us from being a fully devoted followers of Jesus? 

John 9:25

February 3: One Thing I Know

In John 9 we learn about a miraculous event of Jesus healing a blind man, but some people didn’t believe the story the healed man told. So, what did the man do? He continued to tell his story. The one who was blind but then could see reminds us that we should never stop telling the story of what Jesus has done for us. 

Psalm 27:4

February 10: One Thing I Ask

When you read Psalm 27, it is obvious the writer, David, was suffering. We aren’t exactly sure what was going on in David’s life, but he writes as a man who is yearning to be in the presence of God. After all, David knew better than most that when we are in God’s presence, we are able to navigate the ugliness and suffering of the world that often surrounds us.

– Rev. Marty Vershel


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