Sermon Series

The song goes like this:

“I’d start walking your way

You’d start walking mine

We’d meet in the middle

‘Neath that old Georgia pine

We’d gain a lot of ground

‘Cause we’d both give a little

And there ain’t no road too long

When you meet in the middle”

We’re starting a new sermon series called “Meeting in the Middle.” We’ll be focusing our attention on the Psalms which are – literally – at the middle of our Bible. We’re also calling it Meeting in the Middle because we are meeting in the middle of our faith stories. You have had all sorts of experiences of God inside and outside of the church that has made you and has shaped your faith – and so have I! And we’re meeting in the middle of some hard times. The past seven months have presented challenges we never thought we’d have to face. We’re in the middle of a tense election season. Life just feels…hard. In the middle of all of it, God will meet us. I hope that you’ll be with us in worship as we “meet in the middle.”



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