Prayer List

Prayer List

We pray for these persons in our care.

Surgery Injury or Illness

Joel Battle, Carolyn Bowden, Pete Coburn, Joyce Cochran, Flo Cook, Marlene Grady, Bettie Long, Kathi Murphy, Don Stoeltje, Marika Taeger, Mary Walker, Diann Whisennand, Jim White


MiryAm Abed, Bobbie Bingham, Ginny Farley, Milton Flick, Mercedes Hitchcock, Mike Lindamood, Karen McElligott, Ellie Moore, Sheldon Nunn and Lahonda Sharp.

Ongoing Concerns

Jonel Ankrum, Jordan Binks, Kent Binks, Meagan Brennan, Donna Dixon, Ray Dixon, Candy Ewert, Martha Girling, Kay Gooch, Betty Guillet, Barbara Kerr, Hanna Lore May, Carolyn Mejia, Toni Mamula, Rebecca Meloni, B.J. Parris, Mary Reece, Judy Reese, Ira Reavis, Tom Reaves, Bill Smith, Mary Ann Solomon, Jan Spicer, Paulette Stafford, Marie Stephenson, Carole Stevens, David Webster, Virginia Wheaton.

Praise of Thanksgiving

We celebrate the birth of Benson Taylor Bullock, born April 29, 2020. Happy parents, Reid and Amanda, along with two big brothers welcomed him with much excitement!

Church Family Members Serving Our Country

Felicia Ferguson-Cox, Jillian Hogno, James Holloway, Justin Lutze, Todd Murphey, Will Page, Christopher Robinson, Anthony Ruiz, Michael Rushing, Daniel Smith and Lacey Ward

Healthcare Workers

Chris Alaekwe, medical technician; Brandi Durrett, oncology specialist; Frank Petrick, DDS, MS; Beatrice Gyebi, RN; Susan Hoppe, RN; Francis McCaulley, NP; Miriam Tamayo, RN; Jimmy Holder, MD; Susie Nation, Hospice RN (ret); Maris Reynolds, DDS (ret); Stephen Durrett, immunization specialist; Denise Lloyd, medical secretary; Jill Vershel, PA; Katherine Acosta, RN; Maria Acosta, RN; Linda Brixey, RN (ret); Chris Crab, RN; Caitilin Gnan, RN; Millicent Peters, RN; Rhonda Robinson, RN; Shelby Wingfield, RN; Valerie Simpson, RN

We Remember

Church member, Gary Lucas, passed away Saturday, May 9, 2020, following a long battle with cancer. A graveside service was held May 14 at Ebenezer Cemetery in Huntsville, Texas. A Celebration of Life will be held at a later date.

Gary, Kristin and their daughter, Rebecca, joined our family in December of 2000. Alyssa came along in 2002. Together, they have been active in the church in many different areas  As teachers at Dulles High School, both Gary and Kristin have touched the lives of many young adults. Please keep this family in your prayers.


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