Prayer List

Prayer List

We pray for these persons in our care.

Surgery Injury or Illness

Joyce Cochran, Mary Hall


Bobbie Bingham, Byron Burnett, Irene Cunningham, Kathy Curtis,  Bob Dimmitt, Dan Dukes, Carol Farley, Ginny Farley, Mike Lindamood, Frances McCaulley, Karen McElligott, Jim McNeill, Ellie Moore, Curtis Nicholson, Linda Powell, Shaan Tippett, Diann Whisennand

Ongoing Concerns

Jonel Ankrum, Meagan Brennan, Melissa Collier, Flo Cook, John Dale, Donna Dixon, Ray Dixon, Charlotte Gentzkow, Betty Guillet, Barbara Kerr, Ginger Sellers, Bill Smith, Jan Spicer

Homebound or in Assisted Living

Martha Girling, Bettie Long, Hanna Lore May, Carolyn Mejia, Mercedes Hitchcock, Carline Lehnhoff, Susie Johnston, B.J. Parris, Mary Ann Solomon, Marie Stephenson, Carole Stevens, Virginia Wheaton

Church Family Members Serving Our Country

Felicia Ferguson-Cox, Jillian Hogno, James Holloway, Justin Lutze, Todd Murphey, Will Page, Christopher Robinson, Anthony Ruiz, Michael Rushing, Daniel Smith and Lacey Ward

Healthcare Workers and First Responders

Chris Alaekwe, medical technician; Brandi Durrett, oncology specialist; Frank Petrick, DDS, MS; Beatrice Gyebi, RN; Susan Hoppe, RN; Francis McCaulley, NP; Miriam Tamayo, RN; Jimmy Holder, MD; Susie Nation, Hospice RN (ret); Maris Reynolds, DDS (ret); Stephen Durrett, immunization specialist; Denise Lloyd, medical secretary; Jill Miller, PA; Katherine Acosta, RN; Maria Acosta, RN; Linda Brixey, RN (ret); Veronica Campos, RN; Chris Crabb, RN; Caitilin Gnan, RN; Millicent Peters, RN; Rhonda Robinson, RN; Shelby Wingfield, RN; Valerie Simpson, RN

Andy Beavers, Zach Hanna, Eric Johnson, Janet Johnson, Dan Kerr, Gerane Padilla-Kerr

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