Music and Arts

Music and Arts

Chancel Choir

Singing anthems from composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Dan Forrest, Craig Courtney, John Leavitt, Pablo Sosa and John Rutter, the choir leads the congregation in worship at the10:30 a.m.worship service. In the past several years, the Chancel Choir has presented the Johannes Brahms’ Requiem, Mark Hayes’ Magnificat and Joseph Martin’s The Winter Rose. This ensemble gathers for rehearsal under the direction of Justin Langham on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 p.m. in the music suite. Childcare is available. All are welcome to join and sing!


Chancel Bells

This adult bell choir offers music in the10:30 a.m.worship service on a regular basis. Playing five octaves of bells, the choir rehearses in the bell rehearsal room in the music suite. The group is open to those able to read music.

Early Service Choir

With an amazing setting in the intimate Chapel of the Resurrection, the 8:00 AM worship service’s traditional liturgy and Early Service Choir connect worshippers to God through a small church feel. The choir rehearses most Sundays at 7:30 AM in Music C, learns an anthem and then sings it in worship.  READ MORE

Open Skies Band

Offering hymns, praise songs, and the latest Christian music, the Open Skies Band (OSBand) leads worship at 10:30 AM for Open Skies, a creative worship experience in the Fellowship Hall. Musicians of all ages volunteer to sing and play on a rotation basis and provide up-front leadership in worship each week. They are led and auditioned by Kemble Witt.

Open Skies Worship

Gathering in the FUMC Fellowship Hall, this worship service inspires with creative liturgy, altars designs, a worship band, and plenty of Starbucks coffee to go around. This unique worshiping community welcomes all ages. READ MORE

The Chapel Singers

Singing small masterworks and challenging anthems, The Chapel Singers are an auditioned group of singers chosen from the active participants in the music ministry. They rehearse regularly throughout the year, perform in worship and sing a concert each year in the Friends of the Arts Concert Series. The group is directed by Justin Langham.

Sanctuary Worship

Gathering in the largest worship space, the Sanctuary service is led by the Chancel Choir and regularly features handbells, professional musicians and soloists. Hymns texts are sung from the screens but hymnals are available for use, too. Children are welcome to attend for all of worship. READ MORE

Small Groups and Ensembles

Whether playing an instrument, singing a solo, participating in a small ensemble, creating a dance, or preparing art in worship, all persons are encouraged to offer their talents to God in worship. If you play an instrument, dance, sign, act or sing, please contact Justin Langham to find your place in the church’s music and arts ministry.

The Art Gallery

Displaying the talents of our congregation and beyond, the church art gallery offers churchgoers the opportunity to see God in the visual arts. The Art Gallery is led and directed by church members and rotated on a seasonal basis.

Digital Arts

Careful thought is given to the audio and visual needs for worship. Two of our worship spaces have screens which are used to lead worship. Each worship space has a sound system to enhance the worship experience. Special talents are needed in these areas. Overseen by John Hogue, interested persons are auditioned for this group just as for any other ensemble. If you film and operate a camera, we also create our own videos for worship.


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