Sunday School

Sundays 10:00 AM
From Bible studies to topical devotionals, we have many opportunities for adults to delve deeper into their faith.

From Bible studies to topical devotionals, we have many opportunities for adults to delve deeper into their faith. We offer classes as 9:15 AM Sunday mornings. We also offer shorter and longer term studies during the week. Some classes have been around for years while others are forming now.

Need help? Contact connections@fumcmc.org.


Room 124, Contact: Tom Murrah, 281-778-9727, murrah@entouch.net

We are an energetic group of couples and singles who enjoy studying a wide variety of topics and engage in challenging dialogues. Covenant class has met for over 30 years.



Room 209, Contact: Kelly Lehman, 281-261-7572, tjlehm@comcast.net

We are a multi-generational group including members who are 40+. Teachers rotate and studies are wide-ranging.


Room 253, Contact: Sue Morse, 281-499-2692, emorsejr@comcast.net

We enjoy an intimate setting with lively discussions on scriptural topics and relevant book studies.


Contact: Christy Trojanoski

Martha’s Bible Class

Room 250, Contact: Martha Girling, 281-499-3502, margirl07@gmail.net

We are a class that welcomes women seeking a spiritual journey. We work for a better understanding of the Bible as it relates to our everyday lives as we study the International Bible Series.

Open Hearts

Room 125, Contact: Mel Mamula

We are a class that enjoys an intimate setting and are a well-established group of adults with grown children. The class is a forum for contemporary discussions of Christian values.

Open Minds

Room 256, Contact: Richard Zey, 281-980-8294, rbzey@windstream.net

We are a 40+ aged group, diverse in biblical experience and thought. We study contemporary issues from a biblical perspective to understand Scripture as the original authors intended and as Jesus did. We also enjoy studies on the historical Jesus and on Judaism as well as the history of Christianity.


Contact: Justin Ring

This is a class seeking to connect faith with life.


Room 122, Contact: Sally McGinty, 281-491-0508, sallymcginty@earthlink.net

We are the longest running adult class in our church. Some members have been part of this class for over 30 years. Our most unique feature is the fellowship we enjoy together.

Sunday Morning Live!

Room 130, Contact: Cher Binks, 281-235-2992, CherBear3626@hotmail.com

Sunday Morning LIve! is a Christian-based adult Sunday school class offering it’s members a variety of opportunities to grow in faith and in Christian discipleship. Members have a strong focus on supporting and embracing one another as each of us experiences our own walk in this life. We encourage and support spiritual and personal growth as we learn and study the Word together and we are a strong family in faith.

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