Hurricane Harvey Update

If you are in need of assistance or wish to volunteer, click on the above red links and complete the correct form.

As We Begin to Be the Hands and Feet

There are many different needs as there are people. We do want to do something now. First,we want to make sure we do the right thing for the right people.  Please let your neighbors know that if they need help to contact their insurance company and FEMA first, but we'd like to know about their needs.  We may not be able to do anything but pray but we promise you prayer is a key to recovery.

We are making plans for helping our community and beyond.  We won't ask you to be patient because we are not.  But we will soon announce ways for you to sign up and help.  FUMC Missouri City has been named the lead church for the SW District.  Marty and I have spoken with the Conference disaster team and our District Superintendent.  They are counting on us to be the hands, feet, eyes and ears of the United Methodist Church.

-Rev. Eddie Hilliard (

How Can I Help?

FUMC MC is providing members, guests and friends in the community an opportunity to help our neighbors in a tangible way. We will be assembling CLEANING BUCKETS to distribute to people affected by flooding waters who may not have the resources to purchase cleaning supplies. The items listed below will make up one bucket at an approximate cost of $65-70. You can purchase all the items listed or just one.

5-gallon bucket with resealable lid

Liquid laundry detergent in 50 oz or two 25 oz bottles only

Liquid household cleaner in 12-16 oz bottle, no sprays, that can be mixed with water

Dish soap in 16-28 oz bottle (any brand)

50 Clothespins, Clothesline (either 100 ft or two 50ft lines, cotton or plastic)

7 Sponges (no cellulose due to mold issues),

24-roll heavy-duty trash bags in 33-45 gallon sizes

18 Handi-wipes or reusable wipes (no terry)

Aerosol or pump air freshener, 6-14 oz insect repellant spray with protective cover

2 pairs kitchen dishwashing gloves (durable for multiple uses)

work gloves (either all cotton, all leather, or cotton with leather palm)

5 scouring pads (no stainless steel, Brillo or SOS; no soap built-in either)

Scrub brush with plastic or wood handle, 5 dust masks

Bring items with you on Sunday. Tables in main hallways will be labeled for placement of items. Immediately following worship, an assembly line will be set up to put buckets together.

What If I Have Friends Who Want to Give?

FUMCMC has simple and easy way friends and family can donate to our church's Hurricane Harvey Relief. To use the simple form, click HERE. We also have other options, like Text to Give. You can find those resources on our WAYS TO GIVE page.