Advent and Christmas 2017


Advent is a time of active waiting. It’s a waiting for hope that does justice, a waiting for peace that forgives freely, a waiting for joy that is merciful, a waiting for love that loves your neighbor as yourself. This Advent, wait with us through the many happenings and events for the Advent and Christmas seasons at First United Methodist Church. 


December 31: 

One Combined Worship Service in the Sanctuary at 10:30 AM

No Sunday School

December 3 :: December 10 :: December 17 :: December 24

Traditional Worship in the Chapel at 8:00 AM

Sunday School at 9:15 AM

Combined Open Skies and Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary at 10:30 AM


Worship in the Chapel at 3:00 PM

Worship in the Sanctuary at 5:00 PM

Worship in the  Sanctuary at 7:00 PM

Worship in the Chapel at 11:00 PM


Bethlehem LIVE

On December 10, 2017, join us for an amazing time at Bethlehem LIVE: a simple nativity. Immerse yourself in the experience that was the birth of Christ. Follow in the footsteps of Mary and Joseph at our all-indoor and accessible event. Stroll to the interactive Bethlehem Community, where you will see, touch and hear activities of the time. Be seated in our Fellowship Hall for a life-action experience about the birth of Jesus. For more information, click HERE.

Keyboards of Christmas

At 5:00 PM on Sunday afternoon, December 17 in the Sanctuary, join members and friends of First United Methodist Church for a celebration of carols on five grand pianos in the Sanctuary. Christmas Keyboards will be an extraordinary piano program with four Yamaha grand pianos on stage. Pianists ranging from beginners to advanced players, from eight years old to (well, ahem, we aren’t saying), are bringing fresh energy and dynamics to the songs and carols of Christmas. Whether performing individually or in various combinations, from duo to complex four-piano arrangements, the pianists will offer an exhilarating and moving experience for all. Don’t miss this amazing event!